The Cyclothermic is the more flexible oven and suitable for many necessities. It is an oven with recirculation of combustion gases. The combustion chamber, through tube bundles, transfer the hot air to four zones at independent temperature for each installed burner, allowing a good control of top and bottom of the baking chamber.
The very flexible control of the temperature in the various heating zones along the oven grants uniformity of baking to product of any size and shape.
Another improvement of baking quality is achieved adding in the final part of the oven a Convection oven section, with recirculation of hot air inside the baking chamber (turbulence). This configuration gives the possibility of handling with better efficiency and flexibility two of the more important parameters: final humidity rate of the product and the even bake on sides and top and bottom of the product. The final humidity rate is guaranteing an excellent “shelf life”, while the even bake is giving an aspect absolutely equal and agreeable on the full surface.
The Convection oven can bake biscuits and cookies stand alone as well.
agreeable on the full surface.
The Convection oven can bake biscuits and cookies alone as well.


The DGF oven is provided with heating by ribbon burners placed directly on top and bottom of the baking chamber and electronically controlled. It is the best and more suitable for baking and achievement of final moisture and colour of product by Rotary cutter (hard biscuits, cracker, snack). High temperature, extremely short bake times and flexible management of the temperature (adjustable in several points on the length of the oven) grant uniformity of baking to products of any shape and size). The combination then with a Convection section oven (“hybrid” system), in the configuration 70% of first DGF section and 30% of second part Convection section, grant the achievement of best quality and required moisture content of the product.

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Our Biscuit Test center, including a Rotary Moulder and a Double Head Depositor of 1.200 mm joined to a 20 m Hybrid Oven (Cyclothermic – Convection) and our Bread and Pastry Test centers are at disposal of our Clients to test their products and their processes, with total confidentiality.
Please apply to us to schedule a running test.
Costruzione e vendita nei settori industriali e artigianali dell'arte bianca, attrezzature per la lavorazione del pane e la lavorazione dei biscotti e alla cottura del pane e dei biscotti.
- Forni per panificazione, frollini, biscotti stampati e biscotti colati;
- Forni a tunnel, a camere, rotativi, elettrici, a gas, ventilati, a piani, a pellet;
- Macchine colatrici, impastatrici, rotative per biscotti;
- Baguettatrici, formatrici, spezzatrici, filonatrici;
- Celle fermalievitazione;
- Abbattitori di temperatura;
Forni e macchine per panifici e pasticcerie, produzione e vendita forni e macchine panifici e pasticcerie forni e macchine panificatori.