“Il più grande pasticcere” (the greatest pastry-chef) chose Polin

“Il più grande Pasticcere” (meaning the greatest pastry-chef) is a talent show on Italian main broadcasting channel Rai2. Competitors will bake their recipes in Polin ovens.
The quality of our technology and of our equipments have been selected for the whole duration of the talent show, where 30 professional pastry-chefs will challenge each other, mentored by three great masters Luigi Biasetto, Leonardo Di Carlo and Roberto Rinaldini, and by Master of masters Iginio Massari.
Not only ovens! We supplied also blast chillers-freezers, preserving cabinets and retarder provers.
Il sito della trasmissione -> Ilpiùgrandepasticcere

Il più grande pasticcere - Polin Rai2