Numbers and market


We are recognized around the world. The Group’s continued growth and careful management, with strategic choices made for domestic and international markets, have led to continuous expansion and consolidation, with positive results even in periods of sharp market decline.
This has always allowed us to look carefully but calmly at the future, reassured every day by what we know, and to build on the strength of an organization that transforms its people’s work into results and ongoing stability.


The result of our corporate strategy. Over the past two years, turnover has increased by 10%. In 2014 it reached 55 million Euros.

Market and competitors

Our capacity for innovation and commercial power enables us to firmly maintain our leadership of the market.

Worldwide dissemination

The quality of our technology, which is recognized throughout the world, ensures that we have more and more market share when we enter new markets. We are leaders in the Italian market and among the top companies in the world; we are present in every continent. 50% of our production is for the international market.