Research and design


Total design

Our culture of comprehensive design makes us unique. We develop the mechanics, electronics and software of all of our products.
We do this because when we consider every aspect of a machine, we achieve maximum technological efficiency and benefit for our clients.
All of the stages necessary for producing them are conducted internally. This was a strategic choice with two advantages: on the one hand, we have full control over quality, and on the other hand, a greater push towards innovation.
In our design, research and development department, there are 50 engineers dedicated to the development of all our products for both artisans and industry.


The Polin Research Centre: where we experience the technology of the future

Built in 2001, the Polin Research Centre is a place completely dedicated to innovation, experimentation with materials, and studies into how our products perform.
Here new technological solutions, which have been developed by Research Area engineers, are tested before becoming an integral part of our products and mass-production.