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An exclusive “in line” group, with automatic tray loading to produce rolls, petit-pains, banana bread, French sticks, ciabatta and breadsticks. It allows a wide range of production without the need for rotating machine parts. Flexibility is combined with maximum ease of use: a simple turn of a handle switches from the production of rolls to that of banana bread. In addition to the adjustable multi-position belt, you can switch from one production to another (rolls, French sticks, ciabattas) simply and without technical compromises to achieve optimum bread forming. The VBS LN, equipped for automatic loading of the product into trays, is a modular structure and can be customised with various accessories such as: a dough hopper, loaf lengthener, automatic loader, automatic drainage, automatic round divider, rolling mill for pita bread, intermediate prover with or without a rolling mill, and many more.