The Group


The formation of a large Group

Over the years, continuous evolution of the sector has generated the need for technologies that can respond to the changing needs.
As producers of cutting-edge technology, the desire to maintain market leadership has led us to invest in research for the creation of new specialised departments, and to integrate companies which are similar in terms of business, quality, and shared ideals and principles.
Through continuous growth, in keeping up with the times, the Polin Group was established. It is a solid business consisting of four highly specialised companies in perfect cooperation: Polin, Ostali, Mixer, Ram, Bartom, Polin-AC, Vimek.
The Group has the capacity to both design and manufacture its own products by organising and synchronising the work and expertise of each company.


The parent company is the heart of the group and directorate office, where the Group’s marketing strategies and actions are established and planned.
The Polin Centre for Research and Development is also located there, along with high-tech production facilities, and a conference room where meetings and workshops, dedicated to disseminating technical knowledge and baking culture, take place.
The many customers who visit the company can appreciate the great range of products on display in our large showroom and can try out Polin technology in our specially designed demonstration area.


Ostali is an historic company founded in 1909, which joined the Group in 1980, when Polin undertook a project that would lead to an expansion of the products offered on the market. Ostali has some of the greatest expertise in the market with respect to its area. It won prestige and market share by designing and manufacturing high quality machines for both trade and industrial bread and pastry.


Mixer was established in 1992 with specific aims to conquer the kneading machine market, and today it is a market leader. The choice to design and manufacture quality products, both for the artisan world and for industry, made way for the development of all sorts of products, and overall capabilities that are unique within the sector. Mixer now offers a complete range of products designed to work with many different types of dough: from bread to biscuits, pastry and leavened products.


In 2005, Ram joined the Group because of its great technical expertise and strong commitment to research in technical innovation specific to its sector. This has allowed Polin to complete what is now the largest range offered on the market.
Ram’s design and production is completely dedicated to mixers, sheeters and dividers, for bread, pastry and pizza.


Bartom has been designing and manufacturing customised systems for the food industry for over 30 years. It specialises in the design and manufacture of coating lines (chocolate, icing, sugar), decorating and cooling of biscuits, wafers, cakes, leavened products and sponge cakes.


Polin-AC is a company that produces spray booths and painting systems for cars and industry, born in 2017 from the union of the automotive sector of Polin – present on the market since 1940 – and Aria-C a dynamic company specialised in low energy consumption ventilation and heating systems.
Polin-AC is today a reference company in the sector, thanks to the proposal of high quality, technologically advanced products, designed and created entirely in Italy.


Vimek Bakery Automation is an Italian company with over twenty years’ experience in the production of industrial food systems with particular specialisation in tunnel ovens and lamination systems and spiral ovens for leavening, cooling, freezing and drying.
The state-of-the-art design department and the manufacturing capacity within its own production plant are the strengths that have positioned Vimek as a company to be trusted to provide tailor-made solutions to its customers.