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Double tool planetary mixer and with pressurizable bowl to mix whipped products, sponge cake, extruded or deposited cookies, soft biscuits and tarts. Standard or jacketed bowls on castors, tools of stainless steel AISI 304, with adjustable speed, scraper with support of stainless steel and scraping blade of teflon. Operator panel “Touch screen”, suitable to archive up to 50 recipes, each with a max of 10 phases of mixing.
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Suitable fon any kind of dough; from bread to soft biscuits and cookies of top quality. The two tools with especially adapter profile and position increase the transfer of mechanical energy and

shorten the mixing time.

Removable dough bowl with hydraulic bowl locking. Standard version with two speeds for mixing tools and dough bowl, with possibilities of their motion inversion.

Stainless steel bowl and cladding. Complete with Operator panel “touch screen” and dough temperature sensor.