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Rotary moulder

The Rotary Moulder is suitable to produce a wide range of products and it is designed to meet any recipe.The large diameter Forcing roll with inclined grooves grant a perfect filling of the Moulding roll, in any condition The moulding roll is of bronze or bronze with plastic dies for an easy detachment of the product.The machine is provided with three motors (for the independent drive and control of the forcing roll, the moulding roll and the rubber extraction roll).The machine has a double control of the knife, angle against the moulding roller and height. Regulations possible with machine running as well.A scraper grant the suitable cleaning up of the conveyor web .Scraps are collected by means of a crosswise motorized conveyor.The machine is foreseen with a pneumatic control of tracking and tensioning of the web. Control by means of an Operator Panel “Touch screen” for the control and the programming of the machine and its synchronization with the Oven.